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Ancelotti: “Militao will be an outstanding striker, while Rodrygo is an outstanding defender”

The Real Madrid coach analyzed the victory against Espanyol (2-1) at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu to analyze a comeback against Espanyol (2-1) that places the white team 6 points behind their eternal rival, who will play tomorrow at San Mamés against Athletic (21: 00h/ DAZN).

The Italian coach first went through the Movistar+ microphone to analyze the victory, the yellow ‘controversy’ received by Vinicius, the most reprimanded footballer in LaLiga, and spoke of the “traps” that his team will see in the next Champions League match against to Liverpool.

Has it cost more than it seemed?

“Yes, today we have done better against a closed defense, we have had more mobility in front, especially on the right, mobility has been better. We have scored three goals, control has been good. And to prepare for the next game, which It is important”

Do you see yourself cutting points in Barcelona?

“The games are all complicated, whatever the rival is. We have to look at ourselves, we need the three points, a very important week begins, with the Champions League and the CLásico. We arrive in good spirits, hopefully we can prepare well for Wednesday’s game , which can have many traps, and you have to avoid them”

He was upset with the yellow that Vinicius received…

“I didn’t understand it, it wasn’t an action from a promising attack. I didn’t understand it, but nothing happens. I don’t understand the yellow cards they give him, sometimes he protests, but his attitude has been exemplary, he scored a fantastic goal”

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“Pretty good. He lost a couple of turnovers, but it’s not the ideal games for him. He has good defensive ability, when we have to handle the ball more he’s not going to bring out the best version of him. We trust him a lot.”

Victory 100 for Ancelotti in LaLiga

“We are going for the next 100. We have tried to enter more from the right because Rodrygo helped, Vinicius has played well, he has scored the goal. We have had more mobility and more chances”.

Liverpool and favoritism

“We have had the experience of last year against Chelsea. We have an advantage, that’s why we are favourites, but the other fact is that we have to play another 90 minutes that we have to play with the same attitude as the first leg. We have the advantage, but We can’t think of managing the game, the results, we have to play 90 minutes at the top”

Lack of Camavinga automatisms

“He has to improve. He doesn’t have a lot of experience, because he’s very young, and he’s not used to playing on the left side. The idea is to play him as an inside player, not as a winger”

system change

“It depends a lot on the opponent’s strategy. If you have a rival that wins a lot inside, like Espanyol today, I think it’s better to have two wingers. In the case of Betis, it’s better to put in a playmaker because they leave more space. The 4-4 -2 is or more suitable for pressing up, but we played from the outside because the center was very closed”

Prosecutor’s complaint

“Tomorrow there is the meeting of the board of directors, I refer myself to the club. I prefer to focus on the next game”

Militao and Rodrygo, same goals

“Militao can be a great striker… but I don’t know if Rodrygo can be a great defender. It means that Militao is very forceful and Rodrygo has scored less because he asked him for a lot of defensive work.”

three competitions

“The three are very difficult to reach the end. We have a disadvantage in the Cup and League and a small advantage in the Champions League. But this does not mean that it is easy. The Champions League is the most complicated competition in the world”

source: marca

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